How To: Make a balloon Wall-E

Make a balloon Wall-E

You need 5 balloons-2 gray, yellow, black and white and a pump. Inflate yellow balloon leaving 4 inch tail. Knot the end. Alternate sausage bubbles and pinch twists 8 times. This will create two squares. Inflate the black balloon leaving a 2 inch tail. Make 4 small bubbles and 2 flower petals to make wheels. Inflate gray balloon. Leave 5 inch tail. Make 3 small bubbles for hands-twice. Pinch twist. Make small bubbles for the shoulder. Inflate second gray balloon leaving a 5 inch tail. Make 2 pinch twists, sausage, and 2 flower petals. Twist together to form the head. Pinch twist small white balloon for eyes. Attach eyes. Pinch twist and attach head to body. Remove excess gray balloon. Clean up and adjust.

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