How To: make a ONE balloon heart

make a ONE balloon heart

Our "Pick" is the shape that you at home are most like try on your own volition. Hint. Valentines day: home-made heart, that YOU made. Hint: not store-bought.

Who is this man? Pee Wee Herman? John Wayne Gacy? (Bright colors. Balloons. Little kids.)

Nope. Michael Floyd.

While this particular how-to is crazy simple, Michael's tutorials on balloon animals simply dominate our balloon art sub-category. By day, Michael is a web applications programmer. By night, he turns into a possessed balloon twister.

At the tender age of seven, right here in southern California, he became enamored with a local laundromat vending machine in the shape of a square clown. "I remember inserting 50 cents, and out would pop a cardboard box with two balloons and a folded-up instructional manual." It was here Michael learned how to make the balloon giraffe.

In short order, he figured he could how to make a cat, a horse, even an airplane.

We are not as talented as Michael. We start with the heart.

Twist a one balloon heart

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