How To: Make a party balloon Christmas tree

Make a party balloon Christmas tree

First of all you have to take a plane wooden board which is about one foot and square shape, and place it on the floor. There should be a holder in the middle for inserting the rod. Now take a rod which is about four feet in length, and then insert it in the holder. Now use a tape and stick the rod firmly to the holder. Take two red color balloons and two blue color balloons which are joined at their ends. Now pass over these balloons two or three times at the ends so that the red and blue balloons are joined at the ends. Now place these four balloons at the bottom of the stand. Now shift the blue balloon over the red balloon so that the whole lot gets joined with the stand. Repeat this same process so that the rest of the balloons are also place in the similar way one over the other. Take care so that blue and red are placed adjacent to each other. Now use a hand blower and fill in the Spiderman balloon. Tie its end with a string. Now place this ‘spiderman’ balloon at he top and tie it with the string to the other balloons so that it stays firm at the top. That's it.

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