How To: Make swords & hearts out of balloons

Make swords & hearts out of balloons

This video demonstrates how to make a balloon sword and heart. To make a sword, pump up a balloon as long as possible and tie the end. Twist the balloon at this end making a small ball. Bend the balloon at around 20 cms in length and twist both the ends of the balloon at the same level as the ball creating a loop. This is named the 'elephant bend'. Now insert the long end of the balloon into the loop leaving behind a small part. Your sword is ready.To make a Heart flower. Take a red balloon and pump it 10 cms short on either ends. Tie both the ends of the balloon together. This forms a big circle. Half way through, bend the balloon inwards and gently press the two arms a couple of times together. This makes the heart. To make the leaves and stem, take a green balloon, pump it up and tie the end. Twist the end to form a small ball and do the elephant bend twice with the same point in the center to form the leaves. Insert one leaf into the tied up end of the red balloon and your heart flower is ready.

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