How To: Twist a balloon chihuahua and a teddy bear head

Twist a balloon chihuahua and a teddy bear head

In this video, we learn how to twist a balloon to make a Chihuahua and teddy bear head with balloons. First, take a balloon and make a soft bubble. Next, twist this and make the side of the head and ear. Next, pinch and twist these and bend the side of the balloon. After this, make the top of the head, followed by the other ear and pinch them together. Now, twist a new bubble to match the opposite of it, and twist them at the neck. Shove the snout into the middle of the bubbles, then reposition the ears. The Chihuahua is basically the same, except instead of the snout going out it goes backwards. Practice this, and eventually you will have a cute balloon animal!

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