How To: Twist a rainbow out of balloons

Twist a rainbow out of balloons

To make a rainbow, blow up three tube-shape white balloons, twist the bottom ends of the three balloons together, then braid the balloons together like you would for your hair. Twist the top ends of the balloons together. This will now be the cloud that your rainbow will be sitting on. Now choose three more tube shape balloons of different colors. The different colors will be the colors of the rainbow. Blow the balloons up. Get the first color and twist a little ball out of one end. Slip the ball through the first hole of the white cloud. Make another ball at the other end of the first color balloon, and slip that past the last hole at the other end of the cloud. Take the next color, twist out a ball at one end and slip it into the second hole of the cloud, and then do the same for the other end. Get the third color and repeat the same process again into the third hole. Finally blow up a yellow round balloon and put that into the middle hole of the cloud. You'll now have a rainbow sitting on a cloud with the sun in the middle.

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